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100% ALL Natural Blue Tilapia

Due to USDA and FDA guidelines, fish products can NOT currently be marketed with an "organic certified" label. The fish farm industry has to use verbiage such as "All Natural" or "Farm Raised" on the packaging. Of course, none of this stops the seafood manager at the grocery store from mis-interpreting these terms to mean "organic", and then simply making a sign that reads "organic tilapia" to sell the fish.
When it comes to making personal choices between wild caught and farm raised, consumers should always choose farm raised from US sources. Mankind has polluted waterways with raw and treated sewage, petroleum products, fertilizer, pesticide runoff, and a whole host of other toxins. Fortunately, the water used for American farm raised fish, such as tilapia, is treated to a high standard of cleanliness. American farms are inspected under FDA guidelines, and the stock is tested for disease.
In addition, the fish are fed a nutritionally complete diet designed to keep them healthy. By all accounts, tilapia from American farms easily should qualify as "organic", but the US Department of Agriculture owns all the rights to, and is the only agency that can sanction the word "organic" on any food label. So at least for now, "organic seafood" remains a myth.
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Blue Tilapia - Whole - Gutted

100% ALL Natural Blue Tilapia, WHOLE ~1.5 LBS Each Live Fresh - LOCAL PICKUP

Blue Tilapia - Whole - Gutted - 10# BOX SHIPPED

100% ALL Natural Blue Tilapia, WHOLE ~1 LB Each. This is a 10# Ice-pack Insulated Box SHIPPED OVERNIGHT ONLY!!