About us

We are a veteran owned and operated company. Established in 2013.

After having a stroke in 2009, Dr. John had to change his career from information technology to something else by doctors orders. Stress and not getting enough exercise was not helping his health. Since he was into gardening as a hobby, he decided to build a greenhouse and try growing his crops indoors all year long. After his first winter he thought there has to be away to grow better crops that is when he discovered aquaponics.

Dr. John studied, read, and went to classes to learn all he could about his new career. After two years decided to take what he learned and modified his system. In 2013 he started Tilapia R Us to raise the best 100% all natural blue tilapia in the USA.

Tilapia R Us has five patent pending s and consults with local FFA chapter's and farmers.

Also, we are one of the few company's in the USA that breed and raise 100% ALL Natural Northeastern Blue Tilapia and indoors.

Our facility is about 3600 sq. ft. with specialty designed heated tanks that are kept at 82 degrees Fahrenheit all year long. When we state NATURAL we are not talking Organic. Organic crops can be sprayed with chemicals and still be called organic.

Natural means anything fed to our fish and has NO chemicals, NO GMO's, or chemical bi-product. With this in mind when you purchase one of our products, our guarantee states we sell only natural certified products.
Our products are not touched by hands until you receive them. We wear protective gear to keep our product as natural as possible.